Manga Box Sets to look out for in 2019

Being an otaku can be rather expensive, and collecting individual manga volumes definitely strains the wallet – completing one series can often cost in excess of £200! That is where box sets come in, which can save you loads of money.

There are a few manga box sets releasing this year that all shounen fans should be on the lookout for. The first of these is the Dragon Ball box set, coming out on the 27th June. This contains all sixteen volumes of the original Dragon Ball manga and can be pre-ordered on Amazon UK for less than £90 right now.

Another box set containing all twenty-six volumes of Dragon Ball Z will be released on the same day, and is also available for pre-order.

If Dragon Ball isn’t up your alley, how about Fairy Tail? The first box set for that series is releasing in September and can also be pre-ordered on Amazon UK.

Finally, we have a box set for the hilarious Assassination Classroom, containing all twenty-one volumes of the manga. This will also be releasing in September, and like the other sets, is available for pre-order.

Happy reading!~

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