Five Great Anime Set in Britain

Anime is a medium enjoyed by countless people around the world, and not all of it is set in Japan. In fact, quite a lot of anime is set right here in Great Britain, and so today I would like to promote some first-rate series that show off locations around the UK.

Part 1 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an essential for anyone who enjoys shounen anime with a hint of comedy. The Joestar Mansion is located in Liverpool according to a letter seen in the manga, and London also features prominently. The later parts of JoJo are set outside of the UK, but they’re still just as fun. The first season, which encompasses parts 1 and 2, can be bought on Blu-Ray on Amazon.

Vampire fanatics will definitely want to watch Hellsing, which tells the story of a secretive organisation that eliminates supernatural threats such as vampires and ghouls in England. The UK DVD is still in print and can be bought here.

The most recent anime on this list is Phantom in the Twilight, which follows a strong female main character named Ton Baileu when she arrives in London as an overseas student. Its a fun supernatural anime that showcases some beautiful scenery around London and can be streamed for free on Crunchyroll.

Another obvious choice is the K-On! Movie, which takes the main characters on an adventure in London shortly before their school days come to an end. You’ll need to watch the two TV seasons first, but its insanely cute, has no shortage of great music and is a must-watch for any slice of life anime fan. The movie is available on Blu-Ray here.

Finally, my personal favourite anime set in Britain is Emma: A Victorian Romance. This underrated gem is the only anime I’ve seen that deals with class divisions, telling a heartwrenching love story between the eldest son of a wealthy family and a lowly maid named Emma. There is no legal way for UK viewers to watch the series at the time of writing, but the manga is well worth a read.

An honourable mention goes to Kiniro Mosaic, which stars two very likeable British main characters but didn’t make the list because its mostly set in Japan. Nevertheless, its a satisfying watch that can be streamed on Crunchyroll – or if you prefer physical copies, you can purchase the DVD/BD set on Amazon.

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