Farewell, Golden Wind

From the moment I started watching the first episode of Phantom Blood, I fell in love with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The characters were well-written, the Victorian England setting was relatable and the interactions between Jonathan and Dio really fueled my emotions.

I marathoned all nine episodes in a day, and finished Battle Tendency that same weekend. I’ve seen plenty of shounen anime, but none touched me as much as JoJo. The idea of an adventure across real world locations resonates with me as a regular traveller, and the show’s quirkiness fits my sense of humour to a T.

A few months later, the manga volumes started releasing in the UK and I made sure to pick them up. They did not disappoint – we really are incredibly lucky to have beautiful hardback editions of such an iconic series.

After becoming so invested in the series and adoring the first four parts, I was somewhat apprehensive about the fifth: Golden Wind. After all, it was so different to the previous parts in terms of art style, characters and setting.

Thankfully, my fears did not last long. I quickly came to love Bucciarati’s squad and realised the fight scenes were just as great as usual. The cameo from Jotaro and Koichi at the beginning also helps ease the transition from part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable.

There were countless twists and turns along the way, but after thirty-nine episodes, Golden Wind is now over. Some people are unsatisfied with the conclusion, but I felt it was perfect for a series that so often puts the theme of fate in the spotlight.

Just like every previous JoJo part, this has been an honour to watch. It inspired me to go out on my own adventures and to always see the good in people. At times, I laughed. Other times, I almost wanted to cry. But I was always on the edge of my seat.

Thank you, Hirohiko Araki and David Productions, for creating and giving life to such a fantastic franchise. This set of fictional events will always be special to me, and I look forward to yet another great adaptation with Stone Ocean in the near future.

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