British Anime Conventions in 2019


It can be difficult to find an anime-related event near you, but there are several conventions in the UK that provide a chance to meet other otaku. I have been to a few and always had a fantastic time, and usually come home with crazy amounts of anime merch.

This is a list of anime-related conventions happening this year across the UK. Some are anime-focused, others are more general comic cons, but all are sure to provide something that appeals to you!

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Where to find Anime Merch in the UK

A common misconception among anime fans in the west is that merchandise for their favourite shows is difficult to come across on the average high street. That would have been true about five years ago, but otaku culture has recently reached new heights and its now easier than ever to find DVDs, Blu-Rays, manga, figures, plushies and other anime merch on the streets of Britain. I’ve travelled the UK extensively and have managed to find some kind of anime-related merch everywhere from Penzance to Inverness!

Nearly all Waterstones locations now have a selection of manga, the quality of which often depends on the size of the store. Larger cities such as Sheffield and Glasgow tend to stock plenty whereas smaller towns like Barrow-in-Furness and Middlesbrough will have smaller collections, usually only offering the most popular manga, which at the moment tends to be shounen series like Naruto, Bleach and My Hero Academia. If you’re looking for manga and haven’t yet checked your nearest Waterstones branch, give them a look!

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