Humble Manga Bundle: Manga 2 Anime Edition

Preview of Attack on Titan

Every so often, Humble Bundle releases collections of manga that can be purchased at a price you choose. This month they have released the ‘Manga 2 Anime’ bundle, which mostly features manga series that have been made into anime already.

The full bundle costs $20 USD and is in support of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Comic Book Legal Defense fund, which is an American non-profit organisation taking a stand against censorship and protecting the freedom to read comics across the world.

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Manga Box Sets to look out for in 2019

Being an otaku can be rather expensive, and collecting individual manga volumes definitely strains the wallet – completing one series can often cost in excess of £200! That is where box sets come in, which can save you loads of money.

There are a few manga box sets releasing this year that all shounen fans should be on the lookout for. The first of these is the Dragon Ball box set, coming out on the 27th June. This contains all sixteen volumes of the original Dragon Ball manga and can be pre-ordered on Amazon UK for less than £90 right now.

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